How it all happened
In 2011, Nigel Hazell and Huan Huang identified the benefits that restaurants and other food and beverage outlets would gain from digital menus. The first digital menu they launched was through their company, D&H Hospitality Systems. Starting with an iPad menu product,, and later smartphone apps such as Poolside (,Deliva (, WaiterMate and .MeetingMate
The use of photos, different languages, e-ordering and other benefits led to many establishments implementing these products. Today there are restaurants and bars around the world that started using Wine & Dine and Poolside many years ago and continue to do so to this day.
A few years later, D&H partnered up with Finnish entrepreneurs Amir Palmen and Dro Vanhala to establish POSHIE, a high-tech concierge tablet solution for use by guests in hotel rooms. Today, POSHIE is the leading concierge tablet product in the Nordics – with numerous hotels using it.
With the outbreak of coronavirus and the need for social distancing, the POSHIE team saw the need for a product that would enable guests of restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops to access the menu on their own phone, to submit orders and to complete payment, contactlessly, all without needing to download any app. And so came about Scan4Menu.”
Our goal at Scan4Menu is to provide the very best phone-based menu solution to our partner establishments. With ever advancing technology, we know we should not rest on our laurels, adapting our products to fit the needs of dining establishments worldwide. Indeed, we are always delighted to hear from our partners of ways that Scan4Menu can serve them better – as no-one is better placed than they to know how Scan4Menu can improve.
Meet the Team

Ville Taulo


Nigel Hazell

Co-Founder, Director & CEO

Amir Palmen

Co-Founder & Director

Tien Luong

Country Head, Vietnam

Heather Finlayson

Country Head, UK

Andreas Spove

Country Head, Canada

Stuart Matthewson

Country Head, UAE