No matter what size your restaurant, cafe or bar is, we have a package to get you up and running with Scan4Menu!
Features Basic Bronze Silver Gold
Digital menu without e-ordering
Allergen & nutritional info
Option to add photos
Call for service
Accepting orders attributed to courses
Controlling who can place orders
Splitting of the bill
Multiple menus
Price per month US$39 US$89 US$104 US$149
Optional extras
Welcome video US$8
Video for each item US$3
Full Support Service*
(*per menu per language)
Bespoke pricing applies for large venues or where the number of items exceeds 200

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan allows establishments to have their digital menu displayed so guests can view it on their smartphones. Category navigation enables guests to move around the menu in a very easy and intuitive way.
Establishments can include photos of dishes as they wish and can provide allergenic, nutritional, cultural and religion-based info.

The Bronze Plan

The Bronze Plan includes everything within the Basic Plan with the following additional features:
This enables guests to send orders electronically. Orders are received on the servers’ app and then relayed to kitchen staff. Guests can indicate all key information, for example:
+ Selecting how dishes should be cooked (eg selecting medium rare for a steak)
+ Selecting which sauce or which pasta should apply for a dish
+ Encouraging guests to order sides with their main dishes
+ Providing free-form notes from guests, eg ‘not too spicy please’
+ Choosing components for a combo
Call for service
Guests are able to communicate with the service staff through the application, making it easy to request the bill or call for assistance.

The Silver Plan

The Silver Plan includes everything within the Basic and Bronze Plans, with the added functionality of:
Accepting orders attributed to courses
With the Bronze Plan, servers make assumptions as to when items should be served. As an example, it would be reasonable for the waiter to assume that any item selected from the Starters section of the menu should be served at the start. But it's not uncommon for guests to choose a starter or salad as a main course. The Silver Plan handles this matter seamlessly, enabling guests to indicate in which course each item should be served. This way, the server will get the full information and ensure items are served in the correct sequence.
Controlling who can place orders
In most cases, all members of a party would want and should be able to select and order items. However, there will be occasions where this may not be appropriate. For example, parents may be happy for their children to view the menu but would want to do the ordering for them. With the Silver Plan, restaurants can provide parties with that level of control. In particular, one person in the party can control who else can do ordering.
Splitting of the Bill
The Bronze Plan allows a guest to transfer the bill to another (consenting) guest in the party. But the Silver Plan goes further. It enables the bill for a table to be split into equal parts – payable by certain members of the party.

The Gold Plan

The Gold Plan includes everything within the Silver Plan with the addition of the following:
This enables guests to pay for their meals by Apple Pay, Google Pay or by inputting their credit card details.
Scan4Menu can accommodate both establishments who would like payment to occur at the point of ordering and those who accept payment at the end of the meal.
Multiple Menus
Some establishments offer different menus at different times of day, for special occasions, or on different days. The Gold Plan allows establishments to have two or more menus setup, which they can toggle between.

Optional Features

Scan4Menu offers a number of additional features that establishments can subscribe to.


With Scan4Menu, we offer clients the ability to showcase their establishment or food and beverage offerings using videos within the app. We have two video plans available.
Welcome Video
When the guest scans the QR code, this functionality would allow for a welcome video when first viewing the menu. This could be an overview of the establishment, the history of the establishment or a welcome by the owner or chef.
Portfolio of Videos
This package includes the welcome video but also allows the restaurant to showcase as many individual menu items as they would like. Examples include how signature dishes have been prepared, or the making of cocktails.


The support package offers establishments ongoing administration of their Scan4Menu account. This would include any changes to the menu or server management via the Scan4Menu admin system. This is perfect for establishments of all sizes, where we would handle all changes and administration that they would prefer not to deal with.
The support fee is dependent on the number of menus that an establishment has set up on Scan4Menu.

Free Options

Capturing Contact Details for Virus Tracing

Restaurants can choose whether to have this feature enabled or not. For those who choose to use this feature, Contract Tracing will store relevant contact details for the statutory period, only to be used only if a Coronavirus outbreak were to occur.

Prompt Message to Order Drinks

If this free feature is enabled, a prompt message appears as soon as the menu comes up, suggesting that guests select and order drinks first.